Livre d'or | Visitor's book

"Thank you very much, the package has arrived just in time! It has been a beautiful gift for my brother. Thank you very much for the care of the packaging and the dedication"
(R.D. from Spain 2022)

"Yesterday I went to the post office to collect the package. It arrived in excellent conditions. Thanks for taking so good care of this. From now on we will also follow your work on facebook, but should you come to Belgian for a book fair, exhibition or presentation or ... we would love to hear from you."
(H.V.H. from Belgium 2022)

"I just recieved the prints, thank you so much, there even prettier than i imagined!"
(J.M. Netherlands 2021)

"The package has safely arrived. The illustrations are even more beautiful in real life than in the book. A treasure to cherish."
(K.S. from Germany 2021)

" The limited edition embellishing print of Alice and the cards now holds a special place in my home and my heart. The print arrived perfectly packaged with care and attention to detail, as it was unwrapped, I was reminded of that childlike excitement you feel on Christmas morning. The prints were wrapped neatly using a multi-ply brown paper wrap with multiple layers of tape sealing them well on all sides. Inside the piece was enclosed within an art supply box from Canson Infinity, and inside that, foam boards keeping the contents well protected. The colors are soothing and subtly blended along with great visual texture that invites you inward. As a symbolic story, Alice and the cards capture for me the chaos of the world all vying for attention, and the inspiration that indeed no matter the obstacle, they are in fact all just a bunch of cards. The print for my heart inspires the courage to chase dreams, all with the subtle magic that Valeria captures in this piece. Thank you Valeria for this wonderful addition!"
(R.H. EEUU, 2020)

"The present was a success, she really likes it and I guess she will soon visit your shop :D. Thanks for the care in the packaging, and special thanks for the dedication it really put an extra on the present..."
(D.CH from Italie 2020)

"Aujourd'hui j'ai reçu le colis. Et... c'est parfait! Merci beaucoup"
(K.P. from Czech Republic, 2020)

"Lumière" arrived today in perfect condition. I love it!! Thank you for the post cards as well. They inspired me to purchase a print of "Ana" to go with it. Thanks!!"
(K.M. from EEUU 2019)

"I received it! It's very beautiful! Laura will be
very happy. Thanks!"
(F.C. from Italie 2018)

"Dear Valeria, I just wanted to let you know I received the order. Thank you so much for the quick ship! (And I love the postcard!) I just now need to find the perfect spot, and the perfect frame. Thanks again, I love what you do. "
(R.H. from EEUU 2018)

" I´m very pleased with the quality of the print, the communication and the overall services. I would recommend this artwork to everyone."
(J.M.  from Netherlands - 2018 )

" The stamps are amazing, we adore them :) and the gift is gorgeous. Thank you!!!" 
(E&M - Italy 201)

" We have received the package! :-) of course the cérise poussière chaise drawings, which are very nice, but also the small drawing of 'chaise' and the postcards. Cérise Poussière chaise will get a nice place in our house. Thanks a lot again! " 
(A. & I. from Belgium - 2017 )

" It's like having the original artwork hanging on the wall " 
(M.G. from Italy 2017)

" My Girlfriend really loves your nice picture … ;-) "  
(R.H. from Berlin - 2017)

" Thanks a lot, the picture is really very nice! And your little gifts too, very very nice! "  (G.F from Frankfurt - 2017)

" The surprise for my girlfriend was great :-) She loves it a lot and and your individual dedication makes it even more special for us! And thank you so much for sending us the postcards and the other print!!! ” 
(M.B. from Oldenburg - 2015 )